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This podcast originally started out to catch up with old buddy's and record our conversations.  Each episode was mostly talking about old memories, current life events, and then we try to mix in some humor. You can find those episodes still on this page.

We will still have random episodes with new guests, but we are offering so much more:

  • Weekly podcasts with more guests
  • Topical podcasts with recurring hosts
  • Will be released under "fullbuddycast"



Q:  Why do you have this podcast?

A:  For fun.

Q: Where can we download and listen?

A: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartradio, Deezer, Podcast Addict, and this page!

Q: Can I be on your podcast?

A: Do I know you? If yes, then sure.  If not, then it may not go so well.

Q:  When will you upload a new episode?

A:  Usually midweek. But it can be a few weeks in between.


You can contact me at or immediately on facebook.  Just send me a message.  If you have any suggestions, ideas, questions, or advice please feel free to let me know.  And please ask to be on my facebook group page so you can up to the date information on the podcast.

Please send your questions for the guests and SUBSCRIBE 


Oct 30, 2019

In this episode, we may share a little too much, but hey, you love listening!  We talk about being married and having to hope for the love making with our spouse, pent up male aggression, we pump each other about how cool and hot we are as well.  Heck, we even tell you our biggest fear and then come to the conclusion to...

Oct 29, 2019

In this episode, Rhiannon and I catch up and swap some stories from childhood to adulthood.  Come join us as we talk about anything from breakfast for dinner to podcast feedback.  Thanks for listening!

Oct 28, 2019

In this episode, we talk one of Mark's claim to fame: planking.  Also he hits a funny bone on me, when he put together a made up set list for a band (you could even use some for band names), and he also talks about some movie that sounds terrible, but has some pretty decently famous actors.  Thanks for listening!

Oct 25, 2019

In the first episode of fullbuddycast, I sat down with my brother and we talked about life.  Now, 3 years later, we sit down again and talk about life.  Brother's be crazy!  We talk about him being married now and about his bachelor party with friends that we have to use code names for since they don't want to mentioned...

Oct 24, 2019

In this episode, Joey and I discuss lots and we learn that Joey is a huge foodie, where he will envision how he will prepare and cook his family's dinner for hours during the day. He gives a BIG recommendation to try Nino Blanco Food's salsas.  He's also been eating Mazatlan's Chicken Chalupas his entire life.  Also,...