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This podcast is strictly for entertainment value (value used loosely).  I like to catch up with old buddy's and record our conversations.  Each episode is mostly talking about old memories, current life events, and then we try to mix in some humor.  



Q:  Why do you have this podcast?

A: For fun.


Q: Can I be on your podcast?

A: Do I know you? If yes, then sure.  If not, then it may not go so well.


Q:  When will you upload a new episode?

A:  Usually midweek. But it can be a few weeks in between.


You can contact me at or immediately on facebook.  Just send me a message.  If you have any suggestions, ideas, questions, or advice please feel free to let me know.  And please ask to be on my facebook group page so you can up to the date information on the podcast.

Jan 18, 2017

In this episode, Rhiannon takes a 4 year old to the face and Travis has to do delicate facial reconstruction surgery while hosting a podcast. They discuss her newest venture, answer some of your guestions, talk about past memories, and play a rousing game of 2 truths and a lie.  Also Rhiannon adds a little value with a...

Jan 11, 2017

In this episode, I was on call at Avalanche Delite when to my DELIGHT Uriah Larson showed up.  During our visit we talked about life, mountain climbing, evacuation routes for the Mount Rainier eruption, and how this pod will immediately get him a girlfriend. I had a great time with Uriah and hopefully he doesn't hurt...